Project sinks

Project sinks in Marlan® Solid Surface

Countless possibilities with Marlan® project sinks. Due to seamless glue joints, our sinks can be endlessly joined together. This way, long seamless rows can be realized, which gives a stunning effect and is easy to keep clean as well.

With regard to sanitation, Marlan possesses years of experience in sinks. With our extensive knowledge of the use and possibilities of project sinks, we are happy to support you. On this page we will show you several designs that we consider relevant for bathrooms that are intensively used. If you do not find what you have in mind, please contact us so we can inform you about many other options.

Besides the fact that Marlan® is easy to keep clean due to its non-porous surface, the material can always be restored to a new-like condition. This ensures an almost endless use. In case any damage occurs to the material, we can easily restore the sink. Besides, Marlan also offers maintenance.

Our sinks are always delivered together with its installation parts. This includes adjustable brackets, mounting panels, drain, plug, and if desired an overflow combination.

If you want to, we can make a drawing based on your scetch, which you can easily upload through our quote form.

Marlan – Dyson

Since Mai 1, 2017, Marlan is partner with Dyson. This means we also offer combinations of a  Marlan® sink with a Dyson Tap with integrated hand dryer. For this purpose, we have tested several combinations of our sinks with the Dyson Tap. Three designs turned out to be a perfect match. You can take a look at them on our Marlan – Dyson page.

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