Solid Surface Plates

The main raw materials of Marlan® Solid Surface plates are ATH (mineral filler) and a clear, colorless polyester resin. In Leek (the Netherlands), Marlan produces plate materials, washbasins and other forms as semi-finished products.

Marlan® offers plates in a fixed size. The large sizes of Marlan® plates are greatly appreciated by many interior builders, because it offers them advantages like less sawing, glueing and sanding. Our plates are finished as semi-finished plates that are sanded unto grit 280. You can find manuals and additional information about further glueing and finishing on our page for processors.

Below, you find the 3 different thicknesses of the plates in our assortment. Plates in our standard colors can be delivered within two weeks. Besides, Marlan also offers plates in custom colors. Ask us for the possibilities.

Marlan® plate sizes


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