Ready-to-install products

Marlan® Solid Surface can be applied in many ways. Ready-to-install products are for example project sinks, furniture washbasins, countertops and shower floor tiles. All of these products benefit from the advantages of Marlan® Solid Surface.
Our ready-to-install products are available in various colors. In our color program we distinguish between plates and shape parts, whereby it is possible to make color combinations. For example, a sink can have a different color than the countertop.
All of these products are completely finished when delivered, and include accessories like brackets, drain, overflow combination and if desired a Dyson Tap. All products can also be ordered in custom sizes through our network of interior builders.
With our products, we distinguish between three product groups:

Custom Marlan® project sinks

Project sinks are sinks that are used in public spaces. These sinks are seamlessly joined with our self-developed glue in the exact same color. Due to these seamless glue joints, sinks can be nearly endlessly connected, resulting in not only a practical and hygienic, but also a stunning object. All of our products are manufactured down to the millimeter. Also, if desired we first make a drawing.

Custom Marlan® furniture washbasins

Furniture washbasins are products for private use. Customers who are looking for a high-quality, custom product often choose Marlan®. A Marlan® furniture washbasin is always custom-made and always manufactured down to the millimeter.

Custom Marlan® shower floor tiles

Marlan is the only manufacturer who produces plates with a thickness of 24mm. From these plates, Marlan can mill shower floor tiles with drain in exactly the right size. This often provides a solution for renovations because the tile can easily be placed on an old floor. Besides, also the drain can be placed wherever desired. Our shower floor tiles are offered in a wide range of colors and can be delivered in any size.

For inspiration about the many ways in which our products can be applied, take a look at the product groups which at the right side of this page.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We are happy to advise you.

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