Our solid surface products can be divided into two segments: semi-finished products (for interior builders) and ready-to-install products (for installers). Marlan’s semi-finished products are the basis of an end product.

On our semi-finished products page you will find an overview of all basic products that form the basis of our assortment. We also offer a catalogue that contains our ready-to-install products. These are divided into three categories: Marlan® project sinks, furniture washbasins, and shower tiles.

For interior builders

We offer our semi-finished products in 62 standard colors and in custom colors. Our semi-finished products are delivered through our partner network. With these semi-finished products, interior builders can realize a final product.

Marlan is unique in the support we offer and in our fast delivery of the complete color range.

The material Marlan® can be applied in many areas, like sinks, counter tops in kitchens and motorhomes, interior design, counters, etc. Please visit our inspiration page if you want to learn more about the possibilities.

For installers

From our factory we offer a wide range of ready-to-install Marlan® Solid Surface elements, which can be installed by any skilled installer. Our products are delivered in a complete package, including brackets, drain, and, if desired, an overflow.

Other products

Marlan® is limitless in size thanks to seamless glue joints. Due to this, nearly any product that requires high quality can be realized in Marlan®.

In case you have an idea but cannot find it on our website, please contact us, send us a drawing and give us a chance to advise you. Various ideas and products have already been realized this way.

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