Marlan® for processors


As Marlan team we see you, solid surface processor, as an important partner for a good final result. With your skills and our knowledge, we are able to realize beautiful objects together.

On this page we share our expertise with you and offer several ways to take in these insights. Besides our digital offer, our partner network offers several options to follow training days or even for a personal visit of one of our solid surface experts.

We offer our expertise about solid surface free of charge. This is not limited to questions about our product Marlan® Solid Surface. With our 30 years of experience, we can rightly call ourselves experts, and we are happy to share this expertise with you.

This page is divided into segments, where you can find the downloads under the headings. Besides, we will be making instruction movies, which will be placed on this website in due time.

Where can I order Marlan®?

Marlan® Solid Surface semi-finished products can only be ordered through our dealers/wholesalers. In the Netherlands, these are:

Hout Decoratief Noord 

Hout Import Reuver

Maiburg Nederland

Are you looking for a Marlan® processor? Feel free to contact us.


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