Hotels and recreation

Marlan® Solid Surface: Hygienic, Vandalism Proof and Restorable

These features characterize Marlan®, and it is always a custom-made product. For Marlan® = custom work.
As hotel or recreation facility, you only want the best quality, both in use and appearance. Marlan will guide you through the many options by advising you during the design. Marlan also offers maintenance for already placed elements.
If you are looking for just a bit more than the standard, Marlan® is the right product for you. We have already realized many beautiful projects.
The use of Marlan® Solid Surface offers, besides advantages for cleaning thanks to the non-porous surface and seamless glueing, many other advantages. Like the possibility to make endless glue joints and realize beautiful rows of sinks, all of which is custom-made down to the millimeter. Marlan® also offers the freedom to decide yourself where to place the tap, outlets, trash can, and so forth. Or think of a front wall, back wall or side walls. Everything is custom-made and delivered in one piece.
If you are looking for a supplier who is just a little more proactive, Marlan is the right company for you. With our nearly 30 years of experience and extensive series of delivered projects, we can rightly call ourselves solid surface experts.
Feel free to contact us without obligations or take a look at the projects we have already realized.
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