Marlan® Solid Surface: custom work in healthcare

From sinks and counters to even complete wall coverings, Marlan® is a highly hygienic material thanks to its non-porous surface and has proven itself to be an excellent product for healthcare. A few of our products are even tailored to the specific needs in healthcare. See for example our Antaris sink.

Because the non-porous material enables seamless glueing, we guarantee a completely seamless surface. Marlan® is easy to clean, and is antibacterially tested and safe for food. Besides, the material is resistant against many different chemicals.

Everything Marlan produces is intended for custom work. For that reason, we are proactive in advizing the customer, designer and installer. We like to be involved as partner in the process in order to realize an excellent final product.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Also, take a look at the projects in healthcare we have already realized.

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