What is Marlan?

Marlan is a homogeneous and sustainable material consisting of a mineral filler, bound in high-grade polyester resin. By adding pigments and granulates an endless range of colors and structures is enabled. The homogeneous structure allows about any tooling, such as sawing, gluing, fraising, polishing, filling, drilling etcetera. Characteristic is also the opportunity to enable seamless and thus most hygienic solutions. Furthermore Marlan is hardly burnable, food-friendly and biologically neutral. It is resistant to most chemicals, recyclable and environmental friendly.

Our delivery program contains sheets in various thicknesses and forms, as well as casted bowls, basins, vanity units, baby tubs, kitchen tops, work tops, shower floors and wall coverings. Over 60 colors are in our standard program, whereas already in small quantities tailor-made colors can be manufactured.

Our mill in Leek supplies both semi-finished materials as well as end products which find their way to the most divers destinations and applications.

Maintenance now is a piece of cake...... Karel Koevoet, Camping de bonte koe